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Wardrobe Remix: Burgundy Cords

12 November 2012

My friends and coworkers often tell me that they never see me wear anything twice. What I say to them is that I do wear things twice just rarely in the same way. I'm always thinking of different ways to pair my tops and bottoms and I would never buy anything unless I can think of atleast three ways to wear them. So as I've mentioned before: I really love these burgundy cords that I scored at 40% off from the Gap Outlet. So much so that I've already worn them twice. Two weeks ago, I wore them with a gray stiped tee, puffer vest, pearl necklace, and nude flats. Today, I paired them with a mustard colored sweater, scarf and the same nude flats. What I love the most is the versatility. I can't wait to come up with more outfits.


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