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Thrift Finds: Silk Scarf

23 June 2013

Thrifting has become a little hobby for the hubby and I. My hubby usually sells his finds on eBay but every once in a while we may find some keepers. One thing I love finding are silk scarves like this gorgeous Hermes one. It's a beauty and I just had to showcase it!!! Seriously, who would get rid of this?

 I was super excited when I found this scarf but I've been struggling with how to style it.
So far I've worn it tied to my bag, which I love, but would like to incorporate it with my outfits more. Any ideas?

I will be posting more pics of scarf collection so stay tuned! Hope everyone enjoys their week!

Bag: Michael Kors
Scarf: Vintage Hermes (Thrifted)

Thanks for reading!

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