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Stripes & Navy

02 January 2013

Hello!! Hope everyone had a safe and happy new year!! This year, I've made two style resolutions: 1) to wear more skirts and dresses and 2) to take more style risks. I've always leaned towards jeans and pants over a skirt or dress, unless I was going to a party or fancy dinner. So, this year, I want to wear more skirts and dresses just because.  The second resolution is strictly for the blog; I've always played it safe with my style so it would be interesting to shake things up a bit!

Of course, my first post of the year does not incorporate either of the two but I did try something new: the ankle jeans with booties trend!!! I've seen so many people do it and look so fashionable so I tried it over the weekend. I must confess, I wasn't truly comfortable and changed into riding boots before the day was up. Maybe I should have rolled up the jeans, they just looked like highwaters to me. But here are the pics, you be the judge.

Coat: J Crew Factory (sold out)/ Shirt: J Crew (on sale)/ Jeans: Banana Republic (old)/ Booties: Banana Republic (old)/ Necklace: J Crew Factory (sold out)

Linking up with Random Wednesday  and Wardrobe Wednesday today.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Super cute. :) I am an ankle booties girl, so I love these!

  2. Hi there - found your blog through the link up. Can't wait to read more! Hope you're having a happy new year :)

  3. Cute! I think the booties look great!

  4. Love the necklace with the striped top. You look beautiful!

  5. The necklace is fab and I love your fashion goals. I think the booties look best when you take the jacket off - somehow it just looks fresher as an overall look like that. Does that make sense? I love the outfit you wear it so well. Happy New Year and thanks for being a part of Wardrobe Wednesday this week. :o)

    1. Thank you Miriam, and yes, I totally understand! I really enjoyed participating in Wardrobe Wednesday!

  6. Hello, I just found your blog and I love this post...Its fun to meet new bloggers and to see the different styles...hope you come visit me too..

  7. Hi Moy! :) Loving the blog and now a happy follower! Love the outfit, and not that you are not wearing it well, because you are; but I would say, next time, just roll up the jean just a bit and you will love!